Multi-Channel Digital Recorders and Mixers For Mac

Record it - Mix it up in your home music studio or on the go wit this audio equipment expecially chosen for Mac musicians and podcasting folk! Digitial workstations can simulate the feel of an authentice mixing console; or do away with the hardware entirely. Use FireWire or USB mixers to begin tracking, and editing audio on recording software for mac. The right Mac recording accessories can turn you home into a Mac recording studio.
Multi-Track Digital RecorderZoom Portable RecordingMixer With iPod Support
Boss BR600

8 Playback Tracks
Built-In Drums + Mic
Zoom H4N 4-Channel

Dual Microphones
Two Exernal Inputs
Alesis 8-Channel Mix

Integrated iPod Recording
Built-In Effects

Microphones For Mac Audio Recording

Check out the best Pro and Prosumer grade USB microphone options for easy Apple Mac plug and play compatibility with ProTools, GarageBand, and other DAW programs or favorite OSX sound recorder and mixing applications for Macintosh. USB functionality gives and podcaster or begining musics plugin and play use. Simply attach the proper USB cable to you Mac or PC and beginning recording up to studio quality USB audio.
Audio Technica 2020 USBBlue Stereo Yeti MicrophoneSamson USB Mic
Response 20-16K Hz

Cardioid Polar Pattern
Stereo USB Mic
Gain + Mute Controls

Triple-Pattern Pickup
Studio Quality Condenser

19mm Cardioid Pickup

Mac Stereo Headsets and Headphones

For quality audio monitoring or recording Podcast and voice-over work on your Apple Mac computer - these digital stereo USB headsets with built-in microphone can fit the bill - and your budget. Voice over studio headsets allow podcasters, musicians, and chat-users to both listen and record audio from the same device. While they may not be the best studio voice recorders for Mac, they certainly can record an affordable podcast.
Sennheiser QualityComfort Headset MicrophoneBest-Selling Head-Set
In-Line Volume & Mic Mute

Behind The Head
Plantronics Stereo USB

Flip-Up Microphone Mute
Apple Chat Headset

Logitech Pro USB w/Mic
Logitech USB Stereo headset for video, voice and iTunes

Mac Compatible Audio Interfaces

If you don't already have one, you are certainly going to need to pick up some sorta analogue to digital audio converter. These are commonly available as either FireWire or USB models. The majority of which function with Apple, however ofter remain proprietary to sound recording softwares. It is importune to check both Mac compatibility as well as audio quality (at least 24-bit/96kHz) when considering such a device.
High Quality USBAffordable USB Interface8 Preamp FireWire Unit
M-Audio Fast Track Pro 4x4

Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Preamps
Tascam US-100
USB 2.0

Low Cost Guitar/Mic Audio Interface
M-Audio ProFire 26-in/26-out

High-Definition FireWire Audio Interface

DIY sound recording studio equipment and accessories for at-home sound, music and voice recording mixing and sound editing on Apple Macintosh computers running OS X. Head-Sets and USB Mac compatible microphones ideal for musicians, podcasters, video voice-over work and musician folk looking for top quality Mac compatible audio gear to get things done!